Friday, October 10, 2008

The Advantages Of Polymers (first draft)

Polymers are very unique material. It like solution for lack of nature materials like timber, steel and others. But not all people know when we said polymers; the only significant that they know is plastic. Sometimes they also not know that most of product materials were changed to polymers.

The purpose of polymers usage as raw material is because their properties that can be manipulated to follow product requirement. Polymers can be modified to become very strong, tough, flexible, elastic, heat resistant, weather resistant, and many more. All of the properties can be improved or reduced depend on the product requirement.

The ways to modified all this properties are by adding type of fillers. One of common type of fillers that always use in industries is extender filler. Extender filler type of filler that will not interact with polymers chain. The functions of these extender fillers are to improve polymer strength and to reduce cost. So the polymers will become much cheaper. Example of extender fillers are calcium carbonate, talc, silica, empty fruit bunch, rice husk and many more type of mineral and organic fillers.

The other type of common filler is crosslink agent. Crosslink agent will be using to improve strength of polymer. The common product using crosslink agent is tire. Crosslink agent will improve polymer bond by create new bond with other polymers chain. So the polymer will become more strength. But the disadvantage of using crosslink agent is polymers cannot be recycled. The examples of crosslink agent are sulfur, carbon black and much more.

There were many several types of fillers with different functions. The other common types of filler are impact modifier, pigment, coupling agent, and many more. All of this fillers are using with specific ratio and process condition to make sure the effectiveness of fillers.

More advantages of polymers are the much lighter, easy to handle, cheaper, and easy to process. There are more advantages when we compared with other materials. Other material cannot be improved from their original properties unlike polymers. That still much more properties can be improved. Recently many researches have been conduct to improved polymers properties. Still many product can be create from this unique material.


nEuRuLe @z@Ni said...

your article is too cplex for ordinary reader likeme to understand, by the way did you copy this article to your blog and where is your first draft?

persona non grata said...

hi fahmi... the topic u hv chosen was new knowledge to me. it was good that u wrote about something that u have learnt. it make us will more understand and remember our subject better.

keep on ur great effort since i never learn about it before. maybe u can elaborate on the advantages of polymers.

beware of some grammatical error in ur article.

blueberry said...

the topic that you have chosen seems to be quite unfamiliar.for those who does not have science background, the topic will be not interesting for them as they did not understand what you are talking about. i've got no problem as i have read about polimer before this. there are some grammitical errors for you to look at.

hanmie7227 said...

Your entry is very interesting since it is about polymer or maybe it well known as plastic. Your writing really add up my knowledge.

Now, for your blog. I agree with others. There are a few grammatical mistakes in there. Maybe you need to review back.

Besides, it is better if you use transition words to link each paragraph. Examples are furthermore, in addition. It will make your writing even better.

Your topic sentences is very clear for each paragraph. Plus, i can see the development of your essay in each paragraph.

That's all. Feel free to defend your points.

babysbreath said...

Your essay is very informative. Thank you for adding my knowledge.
Your topic is about the advantages of polymer thus I think you can add more information about the advantages of it and elaborate more on the advantages. Furthermore, I think your essay can be more interesting if you stay focus on the advantages.

yagami said...

First and foremost, a very interesting topic you have brought up. Polymer...nothing else people cana think of except plastics. Some of your words seem so foreign to the readers who are not familiar with the jargons. Maybe you should elaborate more on
"All of the properties can be improved or reduced depend on the product requirement."

You should also define some words such as filler and crosslink
Also you should check on few grammatical errors

onekyh said...

First of all, this is an informative writing which differ your writing from others. It is factual and in my opinion maybe you should cite some of the information that you get from other sources. This is to avoid plagiarism.

Secondly, you need to revise your sentence structures and avoid direct translation from Malay language to English. It will make the readers confuse. Furthermore, the use of certain words are not appropriate to describe something such as "So the polymer will become more strength".

Next, as others have stated, to make your essay easy to be understood and has a good flow you have to include transition words.

There are quite a number of grammatical errors and you can improve on it especially subject-verb agreement.

Good luck!

fahmi said...

thanks for all of yours comment. for neurule this is original ideal not copy from any material. all of this from my learning during my degree. maybe after this i will add some information from other material in my final draft.

Maybe after this i will try to make my essay easy to understand for all of you to understand. because all of this are sciences term. so i will try to explain all the term next time

for grammar errors i will check it back. because i just write all of this without doing draft first. by the way thank you for all your comment.

Anonymous said...

hi fahmi.. i love ur qoutation
I wrote about what i have learn. if anyone want to ask more detailed i will try to provide the best answer.


1. ....It ** like solution
the verb 'is' missing in action at the **

2. It 'like' solution for lack of nature materials like timber, steel and others

this sentence juz doesnt sound and feel familiar to me

don't think like supposed to be here

how about

it's a solution for ..... later i continue.. now i got to go to class


Anonymous said...


it's a solution for us if the natural resources like timber and steel are lacking...

this is juz my suggestion,if u think this incorrest, feel free to tell me

3. .... But not all people know when we said polymers

this sentence sounds malay. tapi tak semua org tau apabila kita bercakap tentang polymers

how about

tapi tak semua org tau pasal polymers

but not many/all people know about polymers

i think the 2nd is also a direct translation but it doesn't really sound or look like that

u juz have to familiarize urself with english structure by mingling around them.. :) i mean by reading a lot

4. .... usage as raw material is because *** their properties

.... One of common type of fillers that*** always use in industries

something are MIA (missing in action) here

can u guess what?

5. .... Extender filler type of filler that will not interact with polymers chain

extended filler will not interact... dah la cik abg oii...

i have gone through others first draft, many of them are putting in emotional aspect in theirs
but urs doesnt ahve any emotional aspect, maybe bcoz it is a fact.
if ur target readers are people who do not have any single knowledge bout the info, maybe u can put in something fun or fun fact or anything bout polymers so
readers won't feel so %^#^%#37 when reading ur article.
but if this is aimed for readers who know a little bit or already know bout the polymers , (ur lecturers, for ur assignment) i think u r in a right track